Wednesday, April 22, 2009

“The Day Billy Lived” to see “CATS” get “Wrecked”

Well I’m pretty sure CATS still performed a fantastic show. But upstairs in the cozy Theatre Studio of the Esplanade, the laughter, the life and the lessons behind the CIS High School Drama Club Productions of “The Day Billy Lived” and “Wrecked” packed out the venue. The 200+ audience of students, parents, teachers and administrators from all four campuses were on hand to witness the months of hard work culminate in two plays that kept the viewers emotionally bouncing between hilarity and serious life issues. The actors and actresses flawlessly performed the dramas that left the viewers thoroughly entertained but thinking seriously about topics such as substance abuse and teenage suicide. Director and staff supervisor, Miss Brandy Stern was brought to tears during the curtain call as the cast and crew showed their appreciation amid a rousing round of applause.

No, CATS was not “Wrecked”, but CIS definitely lived last night!

Thank you to Miss Stern, the cast and the crew for a wonderful job and thank you to everyone who turned out to support CIS and the High School Drama Club. Please feel free to share any comments below.

Mr. Cowan


Mark Patton said...

It was AWESOME! Congratulations to the kids and Brandy. It was exciting to be a small part of it.


Brandy Stern said...

Thank you Mr.Cowan for all of your support through out the entire process!

Cynthia Kelly said...

I really enjoyed it too! I was thorougly impressed with the calibre of both performances. Congratulations!

dgulanes said...

To be honest, I didn't want to go. It was late on a Tuesday and was more than an hour's worth of bus ride home.

But it was worth it! I'm really glad I came :D And I can't decide which play I preferred over the other. I thought it was going to be really depressing considering the issues but I really enjoyed the approach!

I'd gladly pay for a CD copy (of the production and an autographed soundtrack P=).

Mikael Glandberger said...

Really a stunning performance....! Kudos to all involved and we are already looking forward to next years show!

Karolina Crokidakis said...

It was nice that you all came. You guys were a very cool audience, really responsive to the play and that helped a lot :D

Thank you all for comming & special thanks to the crew, Ms Stern, Mr Patton(it was really fun to do the song!). Mr Cowan, thanks again :]

christina wah<3 said...

I'm never dissapointed with CIS school plays! because I believe that the performers put in much effort into every rehearsal, and so the outcome would be great!
I told myself that I would not miss it :D
and I was very happy with both plays! The acting was superb, and all the lines were memorized!

Miss. Stern, you did a good job in directing the play, encouraging the performers and choosing the right actors! :D

ps~ please delete my previous comment, I changed my name.