Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Howdya Like Dem Apples - ADE '11 Greatest Moments

I'm still fairly new to the international education gig, but in my seven years I have had the opportunity to attend a number of conferences, workshops, institutes and courses (Which I would like to thank the Canadian International School and it's directors for supporting). The ADE 2011 Institute ranks very high on the list. I dare say the top in terms of educational collaboration and connection, and consistent (and seemingly never-ending) positive energy. Yes, I guzzled the Kool-ADE. Here are my 11 Greatest Moments of ADE 2011 (in no particular order). Some of these obviously apply to all 60 of us, some are more personal and focus on the fantastic groups I had a chance to work with. Feel free to add your own to the list in the comment section.

  1. Warm-up, ice-breaker and group activities presented by Rebecca Stockley. More activities can be found at

  2. Photo sharing and tips by Joseph Linaschke.

  3. Thinking different with Rob Ferrin, Hillary Daniels and Jabiz Raisdana. Creating a video for the Saigon Race contest that satisfied the least number of criteria ... and winning.

  4. Feeling like bumbling idiots, scouring the streets of HCMC with Sean Deetlefs, Steve Katz and John Wu looking for potential interviewees ... while Br. Dennis Magbanua, Dianna Pratt and Hillary were holding new born babies.

  5. Fantastic Food!

  6. Evening connection time.

  7. Meeting the sweetest little girl in the market. And the ensuing conversations about her story.

  8. Being introduced to the "3 Idiots" ... not literally ... the movie.

  9. Spotlight Sharing (the REAL TED talk) and Un-Conferences (thanks Rebecca and Mano)

  10. Accessibility session and the tricks and tips learned! Thanks Sarah!

  11. The stories of Chow Pei Sze and Chai Yee-wei.

  12. I had to add a 12th ... watching the amazing 59 other application videos and tortuously waiting through all four days to have mine shown second last.
Thanks Adrian and the rest of the Apple Team, the ADE Alumni and the ADE Class of 2011. I'll see you online soon. Ted


Gabriel E. Abad Fernández said...

Welcome to the ADE club! ;-)

Rob Ferrin said...

It was a pleasure getting to know you Ted. I also would put our 2 min video as a highlight of the trip. Be sure to drop me a line if you ever end up in HK.

Madeleine said...

Thanks for your inspiration - your 'out-of-the-box' thinking. It was a really pleasure to meet you.

'...and because of that....'

Ted Cowan said...

@gabriel - Thanks, I look forward to hearing about your experience at ADE.

@Rob - I'll definitely be in touch if I'm up that way. Same goes for you if you are in Singapore.

@Madeleine - The pleasure was all mine.

Jabiz Raisdana said...

It was great to meet you and spend some quality time making award winning videos.

I can guarantee our paths will cross again sooner than later. And now that I know who you are, I will be sure to harass you both here on your blog and on Twitter.

Davey Neill said...

I miss the real "TED talks". Great meeting you. I was feeling misty a few days ago so I put together a video I shot on our last night in HCMC.

I LOVED your video and really enjoyed your thoughtful contributions throughout the institute. Please keep in touch as time allows. I'll do the same.


Ted Cowan said...

@Jabiz It was great meeting you too, the day on the boat was one of my favourites. I love reading your blog, you inspire me to continue to work on my writing. Thanks.

@Davey Thanks for the kind words. I look forward to meeting up again. Great job on capturing more of the Hang's Story.